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When deciding on which 2009 individual income tax return to file, there are three basic IRS tax forms that need to be considered. The three basic IRS tax forms are (1) Form 1040EZ, (2) Form1040A or (3) Form1040. This article will focus in on Form 1040EZ, which is the shortest form and by far the least complex of all the forms.

Form 1040EZ was introduced and developed through IRS or the internal Revenue Service department as simpler version of 1040 form. There are 3 basic form to choose with while filing your tax return: Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ. 1040EZ version is not only the simplest version among the three but also the shortest one which requires lesser information on your part. Further here we will discuss regarding the Form 1040EZ and who all qualify to file their returns through this form.